pastel xiuhan ✕ for teamlu

pastel xiuhan  for teamlu

[14/08/22 TAO’S WEIBO] doing ice bucket challenge

"Thank you zhoumi hyung for nominating me to do this meaningful event. The pain of being cold can’t even be compared with the pain of the victims who are suffering. I will not nominate anyone. While caring about the victims, caring about this rare disease and showing love to victims, i hope everyone can cherish your own health too"

hunstagram series: ice bucket challenge

hunstagram series: ice bucket challenge

the different types of laughter by kim minseok

a tall short glass of water   {in color}


She wanted to lose herself in the words, in other times and places.

- George R.R. Martin, A Storm of Swords 

let me be
let me be

Luhan fashion project: blue♛


Hey lovelies!

In effort to boost the holiday spirit and spread the xiuhan love, we would like to hold a holiday fanfic contest for this winter season! Would you guys be interested in joining?

Prizes will include - Die Jungs photobook, EXO clothing, and more items relating specifically to Luhan & Xiumin. 

We’ll make an official announcement with further details if there’s enough response. So let us know what you think! :D

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